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raining hard in northeastern China, while we in our first flight vacation in central China.


Reunion soon after settled. ^ So again my Dorm life started,since I returned from impressive hometown tour.my son asked to dine toast Buffet and we did last night. the night the small bed let me uncomfortable, and likely so was warrenzh. in dawn I dreamed 3 metaphors and adopted them to avoid tangle with my son in dream. then dream another 3 metaphors about ants or something. then my sinful cousin, long time bureaucrat, led his sons cutting tree.2 of his sons clinched to a branch and broke it, and fell to ground together. I with my son escaped from been hit, and found herds of ants leaving the branch. God, thx the night of reunite, thx the travel so beautiful. engage me with meaningful life, dad God, bring me new family, Royal China.


tour ending. ^ dreamed first ants attracted an amateur performance team or workers contest. I with colleagues research ants behavior, trying distracting it but ant teams moving rapid. then dream I admired a hero trophy, rather than collective medal. I dreamed during I left my previous job in TV or media, a guy self-learned and won a honor in his field. when my previous workmates invited me to return, I at a loss,comparing with self-made success.
yesterday especially remarkable: I with my son visited Yangtze river, closely on her bank. its after we barbered. then we visited my passed eldest sister's missing village along the river while the local mountains boosts stone products, inc cement and fertilizer. they are so meaningful. it started to drizzle after we returned to my 3rd elder sister's house, our hometown tour lodges. it's a beautiful day!
God, time to farewell. thank you for the journey, bring us safe home. bring me sooner my Royal China to allow me busy or engaged. thx, dad.


dreamed of colleagues. ^dreamed an once QRRS colleague,a fake hooligan kidnapped me. yesterday we survived Internet down a day. we paid to use a neighbor's Wi-Fi,but the narrow headed neighbor more and more lost in jealous,tentatively drew Internet out. so I brought my son and his nephew hanging out,play volleyball and basketball with kids in the community.we had good time. in dusk warrenzh made debut demonstration of large 3D video game on his pad,an Asus fonepad. we made friends there,including girls. God, bring us Internet!


warrenzh's hometown friends. ^ son, warrenzh these days experience strong love and friendship. I hope he emotionally grows in this hometown tour. this dawn dreamed I was in campus trying bring my dad wines. on way I and my son stopped and inspected in police office.they checked our parcel, took out memory card from my camera. fortunately they later compensate us a harder micro storage block for camera. it's morning now, God, bless us sound and meaningful progress.


dreamed of once workspace. ^ dreamed of my passed dad,God in Heaven now, smiling and encourages me with my work.then in QRRS, my previous work space, the youth league preparing a contest. I took the multimedia design as my job for granted, for we coordinated several times events familiar, but the young man in charge told me among crowd in his office contemptuously that they only need me typing title. then I in a panic for my camera missing, till my dearest son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, was found rip it from me in advance wisely. God, dad, u always sustain me in innocence. bring us peaceful to place u assigned me, bring sooner my Royal China to enrich me and people I deeply concerned. thank U, God.


dreamed of American workmate. ^ half of planned hometown tour passed. this dawn dreamed trusted by government to inspect 3 parcel express companies in China, shentong, yuanfeng, shunfeng, with a tall and thin white instructor from US. i can requisition any computer in the office during report, and office staff there Co-operative, even sometimes reluctant. yesterday i visit dad's old house in Zhudajiu, with my son. my brother-in-law carried us with his motor.most villagers welcome us heartedly. at noon we returned to Tianzhen, my beloved sister's house. an old woman died in dusk. due to Chinese mourning day, lots of crackers lightened and paper of fake money burned, in a custom hoping to transmit to their passed ancestors, a rather ugly Chinese culture. it didn't rain for weeks, until the day before yesterday a sudden and short rainstorm. God, now we grateful for the journey, bring us sooner to our normal life,bring sooner my royal China and my sons and daughters.


dreamed of wedding. ^ its our first week in my hometown tour. so far so good. this dawn dreamed a lot. on way to Zhudajiu for a wedding I battled with a monster blocking us under a car.then dreamed in a classroom I with my son waiting dispatched dumplings to eat. God, bless us a wonderful journey before we missing old life. bring me sooner my Royal China in peace.


dreamed of life among soldiers of US and Taiwan. ^ its 3rd day i with my son live in my sister's house during our hometown tour. this dawn dreamed lived among American and Taiwan soldiers, witness their training, entertainment. i also join to study in Taiwan, wrote to their president, Mr Ma, all under PRC's surveillance. its a peaceful morning, dad God, bless us a wonderful journey!


before the hometown tour, elations ^ this week too busy, for I eventually equipped my son a tablet, Asus Fonepad Me371, and he admits his new smartphone, a moto xt788, shift to my usage. in this way he can play more android games on the tablet which has 16 gb storage while moto smartphone only has 2 gb. I love my moto very much, for with apps I can do many transactions on it, like web shopping, blogging, reading, etc. my son reserved upon the great gift, but I know he is excited. this morning I dreamed of my old workmate in QRRS cable TV. we was trusted to make a promotive video for a celebrity. a famous voice actor, a girl in family name Gao, invited to co-operate with us. the celebrity's team leaving via train, while my once monitor, a guy in family name Sun and several years older than me, gossip about the VIP during farewell. recently I enjoyed dusks more in QRRS Dorms, and that invited many hatred against my leisure from residents in the community mostly workers or local hooligans. God, my task here means much, including dangers, savage and save. God, dad, glory of my Royal China untouchable in ur shine. God, grant us a successful hometown tour in this weekend. bring my son, warrenzh 朱楚甲, Hope of China, God of Universe, immerses in peace and complacent of home.
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov
From warrenzh's bear eyes upon hometown, Zhudajiu, Hubei Prov